iSyllabus Scholarships

iSyllabus Scholarships provides financial assistance to students of Islamic knowledge hoping to embark on the iSyllabus course. Scholarships are provided to students who may otherwise struggle to meet the costs of the course and to those who demonstrate a zeal for Islamic learning and a wish to benefit themselves and their communities through what they have learned.

If you feel you may meet the above criteria please head over to our Applications page to get the details on how to apply.

We rely on generous donations from members of the public, many of whom have themselves benefitted from iSyllabus in the past or at present. We encourage you to donate generously to enable our ongoing work.



Abud-Darda (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "He who follows a path in quest of knowledge, Allah will make the path of Jannah easy to him. The angels lower their wings over the seeker of knowledge, being pleased with what he does. The inhabitants of the heavens and the earth and even the fish in the depth of the oceans seek forgiveness for him. The superiority of the learned man over the devout worshipper is like that of the full moon to the rest of the stars (i.e. in brightness). The learned are the heirs of the Prophets who bequeath neither dinar nor dirham but only that of knowledge; and he who acquires it, has in fact acquired an abundant portion." [Abu Dawud and At- Tirmidhi]